About Us

Alexander + Wolf is a British fashion jewellery and lifestyle brand

Alexander + Wolf

Alexander + Wolf designs and markets unisex jewellery at affordable prices.

At Alexander + Wolf we’re huge watch fans. But we had an issue, what do you wear on your other wrist (we aren’t going to get into which wrist a watch should be worn, we will leave that to the watch manufacturers!). Yes there’s lots of metal bracelets out there, we own a few. But they don’t really fit with the modern lifestyle. We wanted to offer something that was lightweight and offered a sense of adventure and could go anywhere with you just like your favourite dive watch!

Our Mission

At Alexander + Wolf we’re not just about great looking jewellery. We want to make sure that “No Child is too hungry to learn” that’s why we’re proud to donate a nutritious breakfast to the Magic Breakfast charity for every item we sell. As many as 1.8 million school age children in the UK are at risk of hunger each morning. A hungry child cannot concentrate. We want to do our bit to stop this.


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